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Website work...

Posted on 25th Feb 2023

Working on the repeater site you should notice... well nothing. I done some backend php stuff to make adding posts a bit easier on me instead of having to do a shit load of html.

Anyway as for the rest of the rpt site, its just as it was with the same ol stuff just making things easier for me to add stuff and what not. I am not sure what all I will end up adding to the place but who knows.

Also quick note about the repeater, I did some work on it today trying to make it sound a bit better in the audio department. It is a bit better but I am still not 100% happy with it so expect some more playing around over the next day or two.

Also note range isn't the best still, the machine just don't handle weak signals well and also 440 is kinda flakey, one day you can get in the machine ok, and the next day forget it. I will try and work on this over time, but like anything it kind of requires money and well I have a limit on how much I am going to spend on it.


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