The Scrapper System

Home of the 442.275 Scrapper Repeater.

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About the repeater.

The Scrapper system currently has a 440 repeater in Anderson,IN. The 440 repeater has an output of 442.275MHz and an input of 447.275MHz (5MHz offset +) and uses a PL of 151.4Hz it is currently at a test spot only up about 23ft in the air with a tx power output of 100W and should provide decent mobile coverage around Madison county and base station coverage of the border counties. Hope in 2023 to get the repeater at a proper home to increase the coverage of the scrap.
Should be noted HT coverage is not great at the current time maybe a few miles from the broadway/scatterfield split.

The scrapper repeater got its start in 2005 when a few of us got tired of having other local repeaters getting turned off on us just cause we was having fun and decided hell with it we will just put our own damn repeater up. At one point the scrap repeater had over 1,000 people listening on radio ref something no other Indiana repeater could ever dream to do.
So what is with the scrapper name? Well we are "scrappers" we are the guys who take stuff people will throw away fix it and use it instead of buying some made in commie china garbage. A lot of us have computers, televisions, radios and other things that we picked right off the trash bin and fixed and continue to use said stuff.

Sadly over the last few years we have lost a lot of the old crew, but we are still here at least for now.


442.275+ 151.4 Anderson

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